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Director of Preconstruction

Denver, Colorado
HIRING! Preconstruction Manager 
Essential Job functions:
· Effectively communicate to the Executive Manager regarding the preconstruction and
estimating teams, including preconstruction manager, estimator, and design-build
· Effectively communicate through chain of command with preconstruction manager,
estimator and design-build manager.
· Mentor and promote a superior acquisition team of preconstruction manager,
estimator and design-build manage.
· Ensure the teams have all the necessary training and tools to be productive and successful
in their work efforts.
· Ensure all teams are working together for the timely and successful completion of the task
at hand.
· Accountable and responsible for all team throughput productivity, deadlines are met and
ensure that processes are followed.
· Ensure all teams have a “positive”, “client-focused”, “can do” attitude and show leadership
throughout the company.

Accountabilities and Responsibilities:
The Director of Preconstruction is responsible for direction and implementation of company
process, procedures at the work acquisition level.
· Meeting the schedule goals of the process.
· Meeting the quality standards of the process.
· Systemize operations for consistency, efficiency and understanding.
· Selecting and developing project staff
· Mature the people to become a self-sustaining at their work level.
· Enhance the customer experience during the preconstruction process.
· Assist the Executive Manager as needed, including;
o See and focus on the specific details of the estimating of projects;
o Identify inefficiencies;
o Assist with change implementation that will result in functional improvement;

The Director of Preconstruction, in conjunction with its Team member, is accountable for:
· Acting as “Chief Estimator” on pursuits, particularly those projects with a preconstruction
period after award, such as a negotiated and Design-Build pursuit.
· Leading internal estimate reviews and bid process team meetings.
· Presenting deliverables to the Client in a complete and organized manner, per the approved guidelines of the company and the requirements of the Client.
· Attending and representing the company in all design and coordination meetings. On some projects may lead these meetings. Maintaining an action log for outstanding items and assigns responsibility for such action items. Maintaining scope issues log and is responsible for compiling pricing (with assistance from estimating as needed).
· Preparing or overseeing the preparation of preconstruction schedule with buy-in from internal departments as it relates to them. Interfaces with the Clients and designers to
maintain schedule. Keeping internal departments informed of schedule changes as it relates to their activities.
· Providing technical support and/or prepare estimates as required.
· Assisting in making the “sale” of projects including RFP and RFQ response processes.
· Participating in interviews and interview preparation for negotiated bids.
· Assisting the Marketing Department in preparation of responses to RFP’s and RFQ’s.
· Providing value alternative solutions taking into consideration cost, schedule, maintenance, and life cycle cost implications. Overseeing value alternate preparation from subcontractors, and internal departments.
· Filling in design gaps for incomplete documents for the completion of estimates. Ensuring the estimating department has most current design information in the preparation of estimates.
· Preparing and submitting contract documents to executive manager for legal and risk reviews.
· Preparing qualifications and assumptions that align with the contractual requirements of the project.
· Assisting in the prequalification process.
· Overseeing the establishment and maintenance of budget control during the preconstruction phase of a project.
· Assisting Project teams in design decisions and development of solutions.
· Reviewing or generating the project construction schedule and ensures the timely preparation of the General Conditions and coordination of General Conditions with trade packages.
· Managing and maintains consistent deliverables in the approved format.
· Managing all aspects of risk and defines such for the executive team.
· Acting as the team liaison between operations, estimating and design management.
· Having a relationship management plan with Clients and key stakeholders in the markets that the company builds.
· Building and maintaining relationships with architects and engineers
· Building and maintaining solid relationships with subcontractors to obtain a competitive advantage for the company.
· Attending industry events and representing the company to the industry in a professional capacity.
· Maintaining knowledge of cost elements of projects by bid package and/or cost/SF of elements.
· Setting up and managing and maintaining the buyout log for the project.
· Preparing and managing the Exhibit A production into subcontracts.
  • Salary starting at $130K
  • Company provided truck
  • Unbelievable benefits- PTO, paid holidays, medical, dental, and vision insurance paid 100% by the employer, 401(k) plus company matching, and bonus potential based on performance and overall profitability.
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