Field Superintendent

Location: Denver, Colorado
Date Posted: 07-12-2017
About this job
 Supervises a segment the field construction of a project, including its organization, planning, and scheduling, in order to complete the work on time, within budget, and to quality specified. 

As directed by the Project Superintendent and for a specific area of work:
  •   Refine and implement site planning, logistics and procedures for the execution of the works.
  •  Execute the plan for survey and layout; verify the work of others
  •  Monitor, and communicate the CPM progress schedule for the portion of work, and coordinate with the overall schedule.
  •  Monitor and enforce the comprehensive project safety & security program as defined in the company safety program and in accordance with all applicable safety codes and regulations
  •  Coordinate and schedule the work of subcontractors
  •  Refine and implement the project’s Shaw 1-2-3 Quality Control program. Specifically:
    •  Conduct Prephase meetings
    •  Conduct first day inspections
    •  Conduct scheduled inspections
    •  Coordinate 3rd party tests and inspections
    •  Maintain a master deficiency log
    •  Document the program in the company software
  •  Maintain an on-site copy of record documents, including drawings, specifications, submittals and As-Built drawings
  •  Assist with submittal review in coordination with PM/PE and Project Superintendent.
  •  Assist with RFI process in coordination with PM/PE and Project Superintendent
  •  Implement the plan for:
    •  Jobsite housekeeping
    •  Temporary heat and enclosures
    •  Temporary power and lighting
    •  Material storage, handling and   hoisting
    •  Vertical movement (ladders,   stairs, lifts)
  •  Coordinate with Project   Superintendent on Shaw self-performed work, including:
    •  Labor & equipment plan
    •  Material inventory and control
    •  Budget
    •  Code tracking and management
  •  In coordination with the Project Superintendent, document project performance:
    •  Daily Reports
    •  Time cards
    •  Safety inspections
    •  Safety training
    •  Safety Photographs
    •  Schedule updates
    •  QA/QC Inspections
    •  Subcontractor meeting minutes
    •  Subcontractor deficiency notices
    •  Owner notices
  •  Coordinate as required the activities of inspection agencies
  •  Handle Job labor relations
  •  Facilitate dispute resolution
  •  Manage owner acceptance of the work
  •  Assist with project closeout
  •  Perform other duties and take on other responsibilities as required
Skills and Education Required
  •  Four year college degree preferred
  • At least 4 years of building construction experience required
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